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Purr Petite

Purr Petite is an upscale children’s clothing boutique in the trendy Kensington area of Calgary. With Purr Clothing’s ‘cat head’ icon and script wordmark already in use, these needed to be represented in the design. However, they required an evolution that reflects the name and is more suitable for a store that focuses only on children's products. Initial scope included business cards and a website.

On the business cards, a playful crop of the cat’s head allows the cards to be put together to form the full icon. A new colour palette and the addition of an appropriately small ‘petite’ to the wordmark introduced a new look while incorporating aspects of the original brand. For the back of the cards, Atom Graphics’ partner Louisa Jensen did a series of four custom illustrations.

For the website, a soft and textured but functionally simple design best served their modest needs. It is basically a blog that also includes some high-level information about the store. This allows Purr Petite to post updates for sales and new products.